Building Permit

Things to know…..

When is a building permit required: Any improvements, repair, construction, demolition, remodeling, erection or otherwise perform any work on an existing building. 


**Applications will not be processed if incomplete.** 

**All permits for county, state, and/or federal that are required must be submitted prior to approval from the City Manager and/or City of Follansbee. **


Less than $15,000 – City Manager or designated agent signature required.

Over $15,000 – City Council approval required


**Construction cannot begin until all requirements and permits are approved.

**Each contractor is required to have a city and state business license**

**Work being done by the contractor is only limited to what is approved by their State License**

**Multifamily, commercial, or industrial- Must contact the State Fire Marshal for their review.**

**Any place selling food- Must contact the Brooke County Health Department.**


  • All Permits Need
  1. Site plan with dimensions, unless replacing existing (same size, same location). 
  2. Copy of county, state, and federal permits, if applicable. 
  3. Traffic Study for any construction project over 1,000,000.00


  • New Construction Permits
  1. Three copies and one digital file of stamped and signed plans by a professional West Virginia Engineer and/or architect. Must include architectural, electrical, plumbing HVAC, Stormwater, and anything else that will apply. 
  2. WVDOT Access Permit if access onto a state roadway. 
  3. WV NPDES General permit, associated with construction activity if land disturbance is over three (3) acres, If land disturbance is under three (3) acres a Sediment control plan is required.


*ICC (International Code Council): The State of West Virginia has passed the ICC, and you are required by state law to be in compliance with the ICC and all of its construction standards.

*Asbestos/Lead Abatement and Removal Statement: As owner or Authorized agent of the owner, I understand that the State of West Virginia has laws regulating the inspection and abatement of asbestos and lead containing material, and that I am responsible for the abatement of such material prior to remodeling, demolition, or the removal of roofing materials per state laws.

*For facts about asbestos as well as a list of inspectors and contractors, please click on the link below.

Asbestos Fact Sheet


***Before digging or otherwise disturbing the earth, call 1-800-245-4848 to notify any buried facility owners, a free service. This must be done by the person or entity that is doing the actual digging. “It’s the law in West Virginia” ***


Building Permit Fees Residential

Cost of Project                   Building Permit Cost 

$0 to $999.00                                $25.00 

Above $999.00                    $25.00 Plus $5.00         

                                              per $1,000 Over $1,000                     

Building Permits for Commercial and Industrial

Cost of Project                   Building Permit Cost

   $0 to $4,999.00                             $50.00

  Above $4,999.00                   $50.00 Plus $5.00 

                                             per $1,000 Over $5,000




WV Secretary of State one stop business portal 


Wheeling Division – WV State office – business registration 



State Beverage Control Administration 

1 800 642 8208 


State Division of Labor – Contactor Licensing 

https :/ /labor. 

304-414-0190 ext 4


State Fire Marshal 

304-807-9605 – Steve Seminsky


Brooke County Health Department 

https :/ /www.brookecountyhealthdepartment. com