Building Permit

Things to know…..

**Applications will not be processed if incomplete.

**All permits for county, state, and/or federal that are required must be submitted prior to approval from the City Manager and/or City of Follansbee.

**Construction cannot begin until all requirements and permits are approved.

**Each contractor is required to have a city and state business license**

**Work being done by the contractor is only limited to what is approved by their State License**


  • All Permits Need:
  1. Site plan with dimensions, unless replacing existing (same size, same location).
  2. Copy of county, state, and federal permits, if applicable.
  3. Traffic Study for any construction project over 1,000,000.00



  • New Construction Permits:
  1. Three copies and one digital file of stamped and signed plans by a professional West Virginia Engineer and/or architect. Must include architectural, electrical, plumbing HVAC, Stormwater, and anything else that will apply.
  2. WVDOT Access Permit if access onto a state roadway.
  3. WV NPDES General permit, associated with construction activity if land disturbance is over three (3) acres, If land disturbance is under three (3) acres a Sediment control plan is required.


*ICC (International Code Council): The State of West Virginia has passed the ICC, and you are required by state law to be in compliance with the ICC and all of its construction standards.

*Asbestos/Lead Abatement and Removal Statement: As owner or Authorized agent of the owner, I understand that the State of West Virginia has laws regulating the inspection and abatement of asbestos and lead containing material, and that I am responsible for the abatement of such material prior to remodeling, demolition, or the removal of roofing materials per state laws.

***Before digging or otherwise disturbing the earth, call 1-800-245-4848 to notify any buried facility owners, a free service. This must be done by the person or entity that is doing the actual digging. “It’s the law in West Virginia” ***




Building Permit Fees Residential

Cost of Project                   Building Permit Cost

$0 to $999.00                                $25.00

Above $999.00           $25.00 Plus $5.00 per $1,000


Building Permits for Commercial and Industrial

Cost of Project                   Building Permit Cost

$0 to $4,999.00                             $50.00

Above $4,999.00       $50.00 Plus $5.00 per $5,000